Sunday, November 08, 2009

Meet the Muppets: Brought to You by the Letter B

Hello hello, hockey fans. Jack “Guy Smiley” Edwards—New England’s favorite hockey host—here. How are ya? Great, good to have you here in the Sesame Street Studio for another segment of Meet the Muppets, er, Boston Bruins. We’ve got a half dozen of them for you. But first, here’s Rene Rancourt to sing the “Sesame Street Anthem”. Take it away, Rene.

“Sunny day, sweepin’ the clouds away...A-OK…where the air is sweet…can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?”

Merci Rene. Our guests are eager to get started, so away we go. Up first is Shawn “Cookie Monster” Thornton. You may all know him as the fist-flailing forward, but he likes to shoot that puck too, eh? Scoring goals is more fun than a box of chocolate chip cookies, right Shawnie?

Everyone wants to get their cookies, Guy.

Ok, folks. Next up is Marc “Elmo” Savard. He’s cute and cuddly and likes to pass the puck on the power play. Unfortunately, he has a broken foot, so we won’t see him on the ice for another month. He has been, well not his usual chipper self because his misses his teammate. How are you feeling today, Elmo?

Elmo needs a hug.

Good luck with that, Elmo. So, moving right along to Andrew “Kermit” Ference, who sometimes goes by Andrew “Inter” Ference. Hi ho, a little two-minute, sin-bin humor for you folks. But seriously, Andy is a dependable defenseman who rarely makes a bad pass and who loves to hop up into the play. Hey Andy, we also really appreciate how you love the environment.

Well, you know, it’s not easy being green.

Well said. Thank you, Andrew. Alright then, our next guest comes all the way from Transylvania, er, I mean Trencin, Slovakia. He is none other then Zdeno “Count” Chara. Nice goal last night against the Sabres. By the way, how tall are you?

One, two, three, four, five, six feet and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine inches tall. Ah. Ah. Chara!

Thanks a million, Count. Okay then, time to introduce our next guest, who is not happy to be here and has refused to answer any questions. Milan “the Grouch” Lucic. His right index finger is, uh, trashed, so he’s a little surly. But come to think of it, that’s the way he plays. We wouldn’t want him any other way now, would we?

So on to our last guest, Tim “Grover” Thomas. Mr. Vezina. Mr. Happy-go-lucky. Mr. Go-with-the flow. He’s all over the place—from near…or far—he stretches and slides, he flops with flair to pull pucks from the air. Save by Thomas! Oh, Super Grover!

Well, we’re just about out of time folks—and my limo is waiting for me—so thanks for joining me on this special anniversary show. Wow, forty years of Sesame Street. And I still look great! But boy oh boy, before we go, a special shout out to Big Bird, who was stuck on Broad Street and couldn’t join the audience. And special thanks to the fans who did make it and to our sponsors: Matt Hunwick and the letter B.
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