Saturday, October 31, 2009

On the Shelf, Part IX: Living the Hockey Dream

(Continued from Part VIII)

I haven’t retired (as one faithful reader has suggested), but this
unyielding injury has kept me off the ice and on the shelf. So here’s another review of a hockey book (one of about five dozen on my bookshelf.)

The beguiling beauty in Brian Kennedy’s Living the Hockey Dream is the diversity of stories. Amidst the unique insights into the Gretzkys and Granatos and Hulls and Howes, Kennedy presents profiles of unheralded hockey people such as an animated arbiter, meandering minor leaguers, and a hoarder of hockey sweaters. Whether his subjects are male or female, professional or amateur, North American or European, Kennedy demonstrates a rare flair for encapsulating the abundant joys of hockey.
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