Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011: True Battlers and Gratitude

Thank you, Nathan Hardy, Michael Koch, and all the true battlers who have lost their lives to protect a hockey (and donut) fan’s freedom to blog about that which I am grateful.

1. Aaron Ward’s comments (May 28 2001, 98.5 The Sports Hub) to Boston Bruins’ fans before Game Seven against the Tampa Bay Lightning: “Be grateful for what you’ve got.”

2. Hockey talk on the radio: Fond memories of the defunct New England Hockey Journal and now 98.5, The Sports Hub

3. Hardy and Trupiano: The ultimate sports talk radio team

4. Coffee and donuts ice cream: The Wagon Wheel Restaurant

5. Donut diversity: Dunkin’ Donuts, Dynamo Donut, Adams Donuts

6. Donut books: Time to Make the Donuts, The Donut Chef, Who Needs Donuts?

7. Hockey writers: Jack Falla, Paul Grant, Jay Atkinson

8. Hockey rinks: Valley Sports, Herb Brooks Arena, EPIC

9. The Boston Bruins’ marketing department: Best of the Bear

10. Timmy Thomas: Top Ten Saves at TSN (merci, Gilbert Cote)

11. Hockey friends on both sides of the 49th

12. The Stanley Cup Finals, Bruins versus Canucks:Win or lose, I’ll enjoy the ride.
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