Sunday, April 05, 2009

AMHL Wednesday: Over-sized Mites

March 25, 2009
Rink Two
Concord, MA

“Jimmy and his over-sized Mites,” referee Matt says to the Sharks, as Carcharodon carcharias and their reluctant coach are having more fun than a bunch of eight-year olds So while the Teal Deal manhandles the Sabres and is well on its way to earning its tenth victory, meet the top twelve reasons for the Sharks’ success.

Kate “Two Cups” Fallon: Winner of the last two Koffey Cup titles, Fallon’s 2.25 (and falling) GAA leads the AMHL. The nimble netminder attributes some of this success to downing two cups of coffee before each game.

Mike “Mr. Coffey” DeLeo: The ultimate high-energy defenseman, who usually finishes his first cup of Dunkin’ Donuts’ finest at the rink, skates with such swiftness and precision that he may remind you of that slick skater who won a few Cups in Edmonton.

Kevin “Lunchpail” Lyons: Teamed with DeLeo on defense, Kevin has also played forward. Whatever the position, he does his job without complaint. And Lyons is improving every week because the secret of his success is simplicity: Poke check pucks across his own blue line and keep pucks in the offensive zone.

Mike “Posturepedic” Seeley: Mike gets a good night’s sleep, does yoga, and is the most limber of all the Sharks. The Pride of Port Huron is also the first one on the ice and last one off. He busts his well-rested hump game in and game out. And this season, the buoyant blueliner has not only stretched his game to both ends of the ice but has also decreased his penalty minutes.

Gil “Bear” Cote: A Bruin fan and grizzled defenseman, Gilbert is a fierce competitor. He plays hurt and opponents have (dare I say it) a bear of time circumnavigating him. He makes crisp passes and will rush the puck when open ice beckons him.

Grinder Greg” Longtine: The longtime AMHLer is the consummate character guy. His due diligence along the boards creates scoring opportunities for his teammates, and his crease-savvy positioning and persistence makes him king of the garbage goals.

Stephen “Stinky” Antonelli: His work ethic in what he calls the non-Euclidian corners is matched only by his affection for the Father of Geometry, witty one-liners, and the stench streaming from his hockey sweater.

Brian “Red Baron” Barringer. Just when opponents have him in your sights, this sneaky sniper scores again. Leading the Sharks in goals (12) and assists (13), the soft-spoken Barringer does most of his talking on the scoresheet.

Bob “the Wizard” Blizard: The AARP cardholder wields two forms of magic: Raw power and wisdom enable Bob to win one-on-one clashes with the dark forces (a.k.a Habs, Sabres, and Rangers).

Jim “the Horse” Morgan. Like the Morgan horse, which is known for its versatility, Jimmy will play forward or defense. According to the American Morgan Horse Association, “the intelligence, willingness, zest for life, and good sense of the Morgan is blended with soundness of limb, athleticism, and stamina.” Just like Jimmy.

Paul “Cadillac” Anastas. This elite and classy player (and I’m not just saying that because he drives me to work) is fast on his feet, stickhandles with authority, and makes good decisions. Anastas, the MC of AMHL Friday pickup hockey, is a luxury without the tax.

Jay “Ciao bella” Antonangeli: A member of the all-Italian team, Signora Antonangeli (pictured above) is flirting with the AMHL hockey gods. Three more goals and he’ll join the 100-goal club.

But make no mistake about this light-hearted shiver of Sharks: They know they must not only improve but also balance frivolity and ferocity if the team is to hold high the Koffey Cup.
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