Wednesday, December 22, 2010

AMHL Wednesday Championship: Canadiens vs. Sabres

Fluto Shinzawa isn't available to blog the live updates, so yours truly has the honors of broadcasting, for the first-ever by blogging live, an AMHL Championship.

The Canadiens, who stunned the Rangers last week lead the Sabres, who pulled off a mild upset over the Sharks, 3-0 with two minutes left in the second period.

Sabres on the power play...Mike Statkus on a breakaway...denied by Hab netminder Ron Chin.

3-0 after two. PJ Mann in nets for the Sabres, has made several stand-out saves, but the Habs have had way too many chances.

Five minutes into the third, Habs on the attack again. Warren "Downtown" Brown has a chance, but Mann makes the save.

Gilbert Cote--not a fan of les habitents de Montreal--is wearing the blue, blanc et rouge. Numero (sorry, no French characters available while blogging live) Deux and jousts with a Sabre.

Ten minutes to go, Warren Brown lies, left to right/skates to helmet across the Sabre's crease, and lifts a shot--over the goal.

6:20 on the clock...the Canadien's leading scorer George Levoy, who netted the OT winner last week, passes to the high slot. Brown shoots...blocker save by PJ Mann.

About five minutes left, Sabre Larry Brown passes back to to the point. Shot is blocked. Levoy on a breakaway, goes low glove side to score.
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