Wednesday, August 22, 2007

AMHL Thursday Championship: Mike and Meat Loaf

“Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”, which could be the AMHL’s theme song, was playing on the car radio this morning. Of course, I was singing along to Wham!’s big hit from 1984, the radio tuned to 93.7 Mike-FM.

Last Thursday, Avalanche teammate and all-around good guy Mike DeLeo had his radio tuned to the same station, listening to Meat Loaf on his way to our championship game against the Bruins.

The Bs bounced out to an early lead and led 3–1 after the first period. Billy Whynot scored in the first minute of the second period to complete a hat trick, but we countered with a goal.

Down 2–4 in the third period, we watched Marshall McLean disassemble our comeback. Marshall scored two more goals to complete a McHat trick, and the Bruins’
7–3 victory awarded Marshall his first encounter with the Koffey Cup.

DeLeo, who won championships on Tuesday and Wednesday, would have completed his own hat trick had we overcome McLean’s exploits. Mike wasn’t too disappointed, though, because everyone who was listening to Mike-FM last Thursday morning or who’s seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show knows “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad”.

And on that note, it’s time for me to go-go get ready for bed. First game of the new season—against my ex-teammate DeLeo—is tomorrow morning.
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