Saturday, August 02, 2008

Katie's Fight

Nine hundred thousand is a nice number if it’s your NHL salary.

For Katie Thomas, a Colorado Avalanche season-ticket holder, that dollar amount is a nightmare. The thirty-three year-old single mom, who in 2007 was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, said the cost of her clinical trial, which is not covered by her health insurance, is approaching that figure.

Thursday night, Katie sounded cheerful talking about hockey (and donuts) but admitted that the trial treatment, which was necessary because traditional treatment wasn’t effective, saps her strength.

“I’ve lost considerable weight,” she said. (The treatment) weakens my bone structure.”

But Katie hasn’t lost hope—hope that she’ll recover sufficiently to skate with her nine-year-old daughter at Big Bear Ice Arena in Aurora, CO or maybe return to playing pick-up hockey with her nephews.

“I’ll need a good year after I’m declared in remission to skate again,” she said.

Until then, she’ll endure the treatments, watch her daughter skate, and root for Milan Hejduk—her favorite player because he’s under-rated—and the Avalanche.

The NHL is helping Katie with medical expenses by donating funds raised at an online auction, where you can bid on rare autographed sports memorabilia—from hockey sweaters to pictures to pucks. Items signed by members of the Miracle on Ice, Phil Kessel, and Ray Bourque are up for grabs. Items signed by Gordie Howe, Wayne Gretzky and other greats are also available. The bidding ends on Thursday, August 7th.

As the spirit moves you, please consider bidding or a donating directly to Katie’s fund.

With your help, Katie will sleep more soundly.
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