Saturday, July 26, 2008

Baby Steps and the Boston Kreme

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What do Heather Wright, Dave Mello, Hall Gill, and Aaron Ward have in common?

AMHL fans will recognize the names Wright and Mello; Bruins fans know about Gill and Ward. These four players love hockey, and they love the Boston Kreme donut.

I’m a big fan of these player but not of their favorite donut.

The Boston Kreme, one of Dunkin’ Donuts’ top sellers, would be too messy and too sweet. I like my donuts tidy, no spillage. And too much sugar would force me into giving up on my donut after one or two bites.

Might I be wrong?

At our favorite Dunkin’ Donuts last week, the AMHL Photographer ordered a Boston Kreme. I stuck with my standard, the Chocolate Frosted. We sat down at our regular table, in the corner. My wife then extended her hand toward me, offering me a bite of the Boston Kreme.

No thanks.

“Chicken,” she taunted me.

She then bit into it, the vanilla stuff oozing from the center. Ick.

“Last bite?” she offered again.

I declined.

“You big baby,” she persisted.

My resolve wavering, I reached for what was left of the once-round specimen and then nibbled on it. Not bad. The “Kreme” filling surprised me. It wasn’t so much a rich cream as it was a subtle pudding. And as everybody knows, four out of five dentists would recommend pudding-filled donuts over cream-filled donuts to their patients who eat donuts. I finished it and was content with my progress.

Am I ready for an entire Boston Kreme?

The ooze factor still bothers me, but I’m open to more “baby steps” therapy.

I wonder if Wright, Mello, Gill, or Ward had to take baby bites before they could no longer resist the entire donut.
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