Sunday, April 13, 2008

Short Shifts: Here's to U

Driving home from another trip to CanadAmerica, I hear on WBZ radio that Boston College beat Notre Dame, 4–1 to win the 2008 NCAA Division I Championship. Gerbe and the gang weren’t the only Eagles on ice this week. So in honor of BC (and a few other Boston-based schools, and one in upstate New York), here’s to U.

Tuesday morning, BC alumni Kate Mikkelson, Erin Tullock, and Mike Chase (posing here as a lumberjack) wore not maroon and gold but blue and white—for the AMHL Blues. The trio defeated Mike Evans (another BC alumnus among us) and the Leafs 6–1.

Wednesday, the Sharks’ Andy Hayes and the Sabres’ Jonathon Corke (teammates at Clark University), played against each other. Corke’s teammate, Stephen “Whoa Nellie” Antonelli (alma mater unknown, but you can ask him; he loves fan mail) scored the game-winner. “It was an ugly backhander,” Antonelli would say after the game, “that scooted inside the pipe.”

Thursday, MIT’s Chad Mikkelson scored two goals for the Avalanche. Tied at two in OT with the Caps, fellow Av Tom “Last Train to Clarkson” Hargrave—slapped a shot toward the Capitals’ goal. An Av tipped the puck over the goal line—just after the buzzer (or so said referee and BC alumnus Peter Bagley).
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