Sunday, January 06, 2008

Dreams from Down Under

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G’day, laz and gem,

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, I dreamt that an Australian hockey team had won the Cup. One player, perspiration dripping from his shaggy hair, held up over his head the Stanley Cup. Or maybe it was the Koffey Cup. (The picture now is as fuzzy as a dozen peaches.)

As the image dissipated, my thoughts turned to Scott Gelin’s (rhymes with melons) fan club (holding steady at one member) in as Men at Work sing about it, the “land down under.”

The Aussie fan will be dismayed to learn that the Thursday 2008 Spring Season is underway, and Gelin is not on the roster. He’s not playing on Tuesdays or Wednesdays either. Scott’s skate blades won’t slice up the ice at Concord Valley Sports. Gelin won’t launch the AMHL’s most feared shot towards opponents’ ankles. He won’t offer Aaron Sherman fitness tips in the brekkie room.

But according the fit and trim forward’s Web site, Gelin—who shed fifty pounds last year—plans to play hockey at night in the New England Senior Hockey League. And when he’s not skating, working late, or working out at the gym, he’ll be running. His goal for 2008: run 500 miles, which is a little less than half the mileage from Boston to Sydney.

The only way fans in the southern hemisphere will see Gelin hefting the Koffey Cup or drinking a Fosters (or whatever beer AMHL Commissioner Mitch Weiss buys for AMHL champions) come early May, will be in their dreams from down under.
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