Saturday, January 12, 2008

Canadian Spy Test

“You are a Canadian spy!” my friend at work (you’ll read about him in the book) exclaimed after I helped him with a project to connect cities with provinces.

Now if you’re checking in from north of the 49th parallel, odds are you already know the answers—but don’t bail out on the test because you might still learn a thing or two.

Below are fourteen of the sixteen cities my friend asked me about. I omitted the other two because I had never heard of them.

1. Brampton
2. Calgary
3. Edmonton
4. Etobicoke
5. Fredericton
6. Hamilton
7. Kingston
8. Markham
9. Montreal
10. Ottawa
11. Quebec City
12. Saint John
13. Scarborough
14. Waterloo

I shared a few tidbits, which I’ve gleaned from my travels and conversations with Canadians, about the cities with my friend. I pose them as questions to you:

15. Name one of the four cities listed above that are part of Greater Toronto.
16. Which city above sounds like the place where “the Great One” was born?
17. Pronounce Etobicoke the way locals pronounce it.

Bonus questions:

18. Spell “the Great One’s” last name.
19. Wayne’s youngest brother was a third round draft pick for which NHL team?
20. Gordie Dwyer (no relation to yours truly) played for the AHL’s Bulldogs, whose home ice is in which city listed above?


1. Brampton (Ontario)
2. Calgary (Alberta)
3. Edmonton (Alberta)
4. Etobicoke (Ontario)
5. Fredericton (New Brunswick)
6. Hamilton (Ontario)
7. Kingston (Ontario)
8. Markham (Ontario)
9. Montreal (Quebec)
10. Ottawa (Ontario)
11. Quebec City (Quebec)
12. Saint John (New Brunswick)
13. Scarborough (Ontario)
14. Waterloo (Ontario)
15. Brampton, Etobicoke, Markham, or Scarborough are all part of Greater Toronto
16. The “Great One” was born in Brantford, not Brampton.
17. Etobicokians pronounced Et-TOE-bee-co (the k is silent)
18. G-R-E-T-Z-K-Y (not Gretzkey)
19. The Tampa Bay Lightning drafted Wayne’s baby brother in the 1992. Brent played in 13 games for the Lightning in 1993.
20. Gordie Dwyer skated (and fought, a lot) for the Hamilton Bulldogs in 2003-04.

Scoring: One point per correct answer:

0–6 points: Take one too many pucks to the head?
7–10 points: Not bad, hoser! But not good.
11–14 points: Right on, eh!
15–17 points: Très bien, mon amis!
18-20 points: You're a Canadian spy, too!


blognut said...

Man for someone who grew up in Buffalo, I really bombed this thing. But I did manage to get Gretzky right.

Jim Dwyer said...

I should have written a few questions about Tim Hortons--that would have guaranteed you a higher score, eh?

Randy E. Davidson said...

Hey Jim,

It was good to talk to you this morning and I've just taken a look at your blog.

I've got a couple of supplimentary questions for you regarding question 19.

1. Brent Gretzkey played for the Belleville Bulls OHL team when he was drafted to the Tampa Bay Lightning in the same year?

2. Along with Brent, there were 2 other Gretzkey's associated with the Belleville Bull's. Who were they and what was their role?

Randy E. Davidson from Stirling, ON

Jim Dwyer said...

Hi Randy,

I knew about Wayne's brother Brett No clue on the other brothers or what their roles were. I'll have to research. Or maybe another reader has the answer?