Monday, November 12, 2007

Week in Review: Remember Them

This piece is dedicated to those who’ve ever put themselves in peril for the Land of the Free, for those who stand on guard for the True North Strong and Free, and for their families.

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Monday, I went about my routine at work, mostly oblivious to the war in Iraq, not realizing how blessed I was able to read and write about hockey, a game Kirk Luedeke will hopefully get to blog about again at the New England Hockey Journal.

Wednesday, I wasn’t thinking about the men and women who’ve risked life and limb as my friend Bill VanderClock skated toward the far boards to collect a loose puck. I wasn’t conscious of soldiers struggling to survive as I admired Bill’s agility in turning back toward me to slide a pass to an undefended teammate, who pushed the puck past the goalie.

Thursday morning, while troops toiled against the Taliban, I “battled” with Dave Losier in front of the crease.

Friday night, as the Boston Bruins tangled with the Buffalo Sabres, Bruins Head Coach Claude Julien wore a poppy on his lapel to honor the more than 100,000 Canadians who’ve died serving their country, like Nathan Hornburg, who loved to play hockey—but not as much as he loved his country.

And just yesterday morning, I blocked a shot during pick-up hockey, something Ryan Kovacicek will never do again. The bruise I’ll have tomorrow morning will hopefully help me remember the wounds—emotional, physical, and spiritual—suffered by real warriors like “Kov,” many whom I’ll never get a chance to thank in person.

Update, 11/17/07
Lest we forget Canadians who are still fighting in Afghanistan, like "Taz," a Bruins fan from Nova Scotia.
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