Thursday, August 30, 2007

Site Update: Donuts and the Other AMHL

Nobody, except maybe a donut devotee in Buffalo, is more consumed with donuts than I am. If you haven’t done so yet, I encourage you to scroll down (right-hand side) to find the link to All Donuts, All the Time in the Hockey (and Donut) Sites area.

If you scroll farther down, you’ll also find the Hockey (and Donuts) in the News section. (psst, did you hear Dunkin’ Donuts will produce my favorite food sans trans fat?).

But let’s say donuts don’t do much for you; you’re here for the hockey. Well, rather than scour the Internet for the latest on the Boston Bruins or the NHL, click on the link for the NHL or for the Bruins.

Or maybe you’re enthralled, like me, with Canada. There’s a news link for that, too!

Here’s news you won’t find on the Web, though. First, there are other AMHLs: The Association of Mental Health Librarians, the Alaskan Malamute HELP League…and a few hockey leagues (none of which seem to have games at 6:30 AM) like the Alberta Men’s Hockey League. If you’re interested in how the Fatheads, Electric Mayhem, or the Flaming Chickens are doing, you’ll find a link to what that site touts as “Edmonton's Premier Recreation hockey league…”
But I bet management doesn’t serve Tim Hortons as part of the post-game spread.

One more bit of donut news—something you won’t find on the Net. I completed a grueling online survey at I answered questions about my personality and frequency of visits to the Dunk, in hopes of becoming a “Dunkin’ VIP”.

I got this response:

“Thank you for your interest! We’re happy to report that, because there are so many Dunkin’ fans, response to our invite has been overwhelming. We’re not so happy to report, however, that we can't take everybody who applies, and still give proper attention to our panelists. So ... at this time we've had to put your name on a “waiting list.” We promise that in the event that a space opens up, we’ll re-contact you. One more time: Thank you so much for caring about Dunkin’! it is loyal customers like you who help us make our brand better every day.”

I’ll keep you posted, donut (and hockey) fans, about my pending postion on the panel. Until then, enjoy the links.
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