Saturday, June 23, 2007


If you read last week’s story and are expecting another "Miracle On Ice," you'll be sorely disappointed. I didn’t score a goal—not even an assist—during Thursday morning’s win against the AMHL Bruins. For those of you that like the grit in my game, you’ll be thrilled to learn that I earned my first penalty of the season (Longtime AMHL fans won’t have to review my top-ten ranking in penalty minutes to know I’ve got a rep as a rogue). More good news: Besides the infraction for impeding the progress of Bruins’ forward Scott Gelin (rhymes with Ellen)—I repeatedly mugged his teammates whenever they ventured into the vicinity of the crease.

The best part about, though, about Thursday morning—besides winning the game—was that I blocked a Gelin snapshot, the puck pounding the unprotected flesh between my left knee and thigh.

The odd offensive foray is fun, but blocking shots—that’s my game!

I’m no Donny Sweeney, but Shotblocker32 is my moniker at HFBoards (Hockey’s Future Message Boards), which I joined two weeks ago, to comment on the NHL Bruins. There, I encounter other hockey pundits like doc5hole, a.k.a. Mick Colageo (New England Hockey Journal Radio Show and The Standard Times); hockeyscribe22, a.k.a. James Murphy (XM Radio and Inside Hockey); and hubofhockey, a.k.a. Kevin Paul Dupont (Boston Globe). Of course hundreds of other Bruins’ fans, like neelynugs, TheBigBadB, and scotiahockey—all seem to be adult hockey hacks—join the fray at this popular site.

I’m going to click over there later today (after my date with the AMHL photographer at Dunkin’ Donuts) to defend Timmy Thomas again, just as any reasonable defenseman who only occasionally contributes to the offense, would do.
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