Friday, June 29, 2007

AMHL Thursday: The Three Stars

The Caps’ goalie, last season’s Koffey Cup-winner John Torney, was running a 103° fever on Wednesday night. He toughed it out and came ready to play on Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, Avs’ all-star forward David "Mr. Hockey" was nowhere to be found. And with only seven skaters to face a full compliment of Caps, the Avalanche needed help.

Who would rise to the occasion?

Not me. Not to score goals anyway. I reached my quota two games ago. Plus, I was too busy trying to contain the likes of talented AMHL icons Mike Kennedy (11 points going into Thursday morning’s game), Paul Nelson (11 points), and Aaron Sherman (20 points) to consider goal production.

I had a pretty good game, though. Standard line: no points, no penalties, and no injuries.

But these guys below, they’re the Three Stars of the Game in the Avs' 6–1 victory:

3. Tim Matthews: Dunkin’ Donuts sponsors Tim’s hat trick because his performance was powered by what appeared to be a Chocolate Honey Dipped in the locker room (before the game).

2. Chad Mikkelson: CCM sponsors Chad’s four-point performance; his brand new Vector 3.0s feature what the manufacturer calls “low profile outsole agility bands to allow for tighter turns and quicker stops,” and the Aqua Blue bad boys (featured above) performed as advertised.

1. Dan Barros: The AMHL photographer sponsors Dan’s near shutout because she said of her favorite subject, “He rocks with his panther-like stealth as he grips the ice on all fours....”
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