Friday, February 03, 2006

AMHL Thursday: Pass the Puck

In the donut room, Avalanche defenseman Scott Keith surveys his breakfast options—juice or milk, donuts or Munchkins. Peter Anastos notices his teammate and announces to gathering crowd, “Scott Keith played the game of his AMHL life! He played defense, offense, he shot, and he passed the puck.”

Keith, an eight-year AMHL veteran defenseman, is famous for his sharp wit, relic knee brace, and for holding the puck…holding the puck…as long as possible before shooting it. Even on a rare pass, he winds up for a slap shot.

Keith selects a Butternut donut (Aaron Sherman’s favorite) and acknowledges Anastos’s compliment, noting that his performance against the Stars was an aberration.

Keith staked his six-man squad to a 4–1 lead (before the Stars stormed back, only to lose, 4–3), scoring a goal and adding an assist. His accomplishment wouldn’t make it on the AMHL ticker, but rest assured, Scott taught the Stars a lesson with his balanced play.

Back in the donut room, Stars defenseman Charles Bradley talks to his goalie, Ken Tarr, and this reporter about Keith’s effort. “He showed us how to play hockey.”

Keith and company will need another solid performance next Thursday, when they take on the Caps, 17–3 winners over the Leafs.