Sunday, January 29, 2006

AMHL Week Four: The Inside Scoop

On Tuesday, Dana Salvo scored his first goal of the season—then added two more. Wooo!

A day later, in Inter-league play, Panther defenseman and CFO North America Chris Power scored his 30th career AMHL goal.

On Thursday, the Bruins won their third straight game. Aaron Sherman’s three points in the victory gave him 666 career points. Adam Berger didn’t score any goals for his Stars, but the Interim Donut Boy made his contributions to the league off the ice. This week, he brought bagels for the first time and kept the donut box lid closed, sealing in the freshness during games.

Chris Howell, recovering from rotator cuff surgery and on leave from donut duty, would have been proud. The self-proclaimed "director of donut procurement" made his unofficial return to AMHL ice as part of my 8th annual birthday skate on Saturday night. Howell hadn’t worn his equipment since he went on leave almost a year ago, but his daughter did wear the stinky gear for Halloween.

Goalie Ken Tarr unveiled his KISS mask at the event honoring my 42nd birthday. The other netminder, Heather Wright, shut down her husband, Norman, on a breakaway. Mrs. Wright couldn’t stop Dana Salvo from scoring his first ever one-timer goal, however.

“Did you get it? Did you get it?” he asked league photographer, birthday skate organizer, and commemorative T-shirt designer.

“No. Do it again,” she said.

Salvo is eight goals away from career goal 600 and 22 points away from career point 1500. When he reaches those milestones later this season, he’ll be the first one to tell you via the AMHL ticker at AMHL.