Sunday, November 25, 2012

Meet Monika Moravan, Part II: A Hockey-hater, the NHL Lockout, and Hockey Movies

In Part I, I introduced you to the hockey writer, editor, and researcher who served as ghostwriter for CONCUSSED! Topics included the book, violence in hockey, and of course, donuts. I now present Part II:

The Non-hockey Husband
MM: Yes, my spousal unit hates hockey and is not a sports fan at all. Our son, however, is normal. He's a great kid, takes it all in stride and understands some activities are Mum things, some are Dad things, and some are family things. It used to bother him much more when he was younger but closing in on 14, not so much.

It’s funny because (my husband) remembers as a kid sitting on his grandmother’s lap: His grandmother loved hockey; she emigrated from Scotland. She loved the game, would watch it every single Saturday night. And I don’t know…he grew to hate it. I never understood why and neither does he. He doesn’t like it. He doesn’t even go to our son’s hockey games, which is kind of funny. At first it was kind of annoying, but now…you do other stuff with your kids.

NHL Lockout
MM: In all honesty, I'm not sitting around lamenting the lockout. There is plenty of hockey to watch if we wish, and if not, it has freed up a significant amount of time to spend with family, friends or staring off into space thinking. It's liberating to have the option of dating my husband any night of the week!

JD: I’ve moved on. It’s like the boyfriend or girlfriend who left you and now wants you back. Not sure if I’ll be that interested in watching or going to games.

MM: Exactly. That’s what it is. If you see them on the street you’ll hopefully be polite about it… In my case I know when the NHL comes back, I’ll watch…There are the diehards, but most people are now starting to realize, ‘Okay instead of going to a game, we can spend our money to go out to the restaurant next to the rink.’ Go do that kind of stuff because there is a lot of empathy for those working the minimum wage jobs and all that. My niece, during last lockout, was a waitress in a restaurant right by Air Canada Centre. And (the lockout) really hurts those bottom lines more than anything else…

Hockey: Actors and Movies
JD: Matthew Perry.

MM: I wasn’t a big fan of Friends…I haven’t seen (GoOn).
JD: He’s a big Kings fan, and his character is a radio guy in Los Angeles…there’s one episode where he’s playing pickup shinny against Jeremy Roenick.

MM: Slap Shot was on last night, and I fell asleep.
JD: I haven’t watched that in years. I’m more of a 13 Going on 30 fan.

MM: I will always have my soft spot for Youngblood. Definitely not one of the best movies out there, but it features my baby in there (Peter Zezel, not Rob Lowe). It is a must watch.
Can/Am Relations
MM: Educating Americans about Canada is important to me. On a high school trip to Manhattan, we convinced a few that there was a housing crisis because rising temperatures were melting our igloos.
JD: You sound like a female version of Rick Mercer. I hope Canadians have stopped pummeling those poor moose with Timbits.
MM: A female Rick Mercer? Now my head's gonna asplode! Thanks; as a comedy student and (occasional) performer that is high praise indeed.
More about Can/Am relations at the Canadian Spy site.

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