Sunday, July 15, 2012

Done With Sufganiyots?

I’m done with donuts. Each one I’ve eaten has descended my esophagus and then lodged itself to the others, magically reappearing as a ringlet about my waist. Sorry old frosted pals, it’s time to bid adieu, adiós, shalom.

I’ve committed to walking more, too, 7,000 steps a day.
That’s why I haven’t eaten a donut for a couple weeks. I’ve sworn them off, one day, one Chocolate Frosted at a time—until yesterday, when my wife broke the news that has appeared in a dozen or more sites, including the New York Times: Desserts are good for you, but only if you eat them in the morning.
Dessert + A.M. = Donut.
Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz of Tel Aviv University, the lead author of a study touting the indulgence of the sweet tooth, is my favourite scientist. Thank you, good doctor. I wonder, what is your favourite breakfast dessert? A sufganiyot from the Blicker Bakery in Tel Aviv?
At the local Dunkin’ Donuts this morning, my wife purchased all the requirements for my healthy breakfast: egg white, cheese and turkey sausage breakfast sandwich; a medium decaf (with cream, hold the sugar); and a little round friend: a circular yeasty treat, frosted with vanilla icing and sprinkled with Oreo bits.
Through the lips, across the tongue, yum yum. Down the digestive tract and to the duodenum. Oh how I missed you my chums.
Goodbye for now. Time to take a long walk, one step a time.

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