Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stanley CUPdate: Part I, Summertime Sojourn

Two months ago tomorrow, the Boston Bruins held high, for the first time since 1972, Sir Stanley’s silver (and nickel) chalice.

Since then, the Bruins’ Cuppeth hath runneth overeth with good cheer and good beer (if not donuts). From Vancouver to the Vineyard, from Nevada to New York, and across The Pond and beyond: The five keepers of the Cup capture images as Kevin Shea chronicles the Stanley Cup’s summertime sojourn.

I present to you these headlines and hyperlinks:

Highbrow Highlights: The NHL Awards Show, the Today Show, and the draft for "The Show"

Oat to Lunch: Horsing around in Buffalo

Houda Thunk it: Tee Time in Whitefish, MT

Geoff Ward and Don Sweeney: Waxy-ing nostalgic in Lexington and at Harvard

No Sooner Said than Dunnville: Horton Hears a Whew (from Howie Borrow)

Across the pond and beyond…

Czech-mates: Kaberle and Krejci meet The Hello Piggy Band

A Drum Roll for Sir Zed: His Highness Sticks it to the Castle Crowd

Stanley Steamer: Tuukka’s Time in the Sauna

On to Ontario…

Spin-O-rama: A 360-degree View of Toronto with Shawn Thornton

Maiden Canada: Mist-er Paille at Niagara Falls

Stanley Cup Takes Guelph by Storm: Rich Peverley and the Fruit Loops?

Stay tuned for Part II
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