Sunday, July 19, 2009

AMHL Wednesday: "Rock On"

A couple of weeks ago, I bailed on my players. I didn’t show up to coach the game against the Rangers because, the night before, I was at Great Woods for the Cheap Trick/Poison/Def Leppard concert.

Turns out my Sharks didn’t need me; they beat the Blueshirts. But I still feel I owe them something. Here, then, is a recap of the following week’s game, as I insert as many song titles from the triumvirate of bands.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009
Rink One
Sharks vs. Sabres

Without frontman Tim “I Want You to Want Me” Donahue and with only seven skaters, the Sharks will need a resounding effort from the less heralded band members.

Like Jonathon “the Flame” Corke, who scorches the Sabre goalie to give the Sharks an early lead.

The AMHL “Photograph (picture of)” Photographer, who attended the concert with the Sharks’ coach, continues to track the action. She won’t capture any more goals this period, though, because both goalies are giving their teams “Something to Believe In.”

1–0 after one. Still a “Long Long Way to Go”.

Midway into the second period, French Canadian Marc “Rocket” Vallee (pictured above against the Habs in June) scores with a blistering backhand (Well, not so much a blast as it was a trickle: “Just a bad backhand,” says Vallee. “Slid really slowly.”)

During the intermission, with the Sharks still up 2–0, Vallee urges his teammates to make shorter passes and to play the man against the Sabres’ young guns.

The Sharks heed his counsel but cannot score. The Sabres have fresher legs, too. Resting between shifts, Shark forward Jim “Nothing But a Good Time” Morgan acknowledges that he imbibed “too much Fourth of July gin.”

The Sharks have no tonic for tired and are falling out of position, often “Two Steps Behind” the Sabres. Shark d-man Andy Fox is whistled for tripping.

Team Teal kills the penalty but the Black and Pink will not Surrender. Time out.

At the Sharks’ bench, forward Steve “Rock Star” Basile says he wants to hang high—center stage—so he can score an empty-net goal.

Defense first, says Vallee.

Kate “Comin’ Under Fire” Fallon’s shutout is spoiled—a Scott Keith slapshot high glove side—but the Sharks prevail. Oh well, “Every Rose Has its Thorn”.

After a shower, Shark forward Mike “Pour Some Sugar on Me” Statkus is ready to celebrate the 2–1 victory. “Time for a donut,” he says as he exits the locker room en route for the (Songs from) the Sparkle Lounge.

Thank you. Good night. “Rock on”.
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