Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sweet Victory: Not Meant to B’s?

Like my beloved Boston Bruins, my Sour Cream Sunrise donut didn’t make it to the Finals. The Bruins won’t be playing for the Stanley Cup, and the donut I designed won’t compete in Dunkin’s Next Donut “bake-off” on May 28.

For now, hats off to the Red Wings, Blackhawks, Hurricanes, and Penguins; cheers to the likes of Toffee for Your Coffee, Economic Crunch, Grandma’s Blueberry Maple Donut, and Chocolate Monkey. The donuts, at least, are all deserving of your support, so no disrespect to them.

But fear not, Bruins (and my donut devotees). Sweet victory may not be so far away.

The Bruins’ time will come, soon. Management believes in its players and vice-versa, and the recipe for success is missing but one ingredient: experience. Sprinkle a little know-how-to-win in the play-offs into the mix of talent and toughness and then watch this tight-knit team take off. The Bruins will rise to new heights and shine. Next season.

The Sour Cream Sunrise donut, a creation inspired by the AM Hockey League’s fun-loving nature yet a treat for any early-riser, may still see the light of day. Dunkin’ Donuts will consider all donuts, whether they’re competing in the ballyhooed bake-off or not, as potential products.

Imagine the delight in devouring this simple creation. Sour cream cake, vanilla icing, and the signature Dunkin’ Donuts sprinkles—free of frill or filling—tumble into your tummy. Yummy, eh?

If you believe in this donut like I believe in this donut, consider contacting the powers that be.

And come next June, I wouldn’t be surprised to be enjoying a Sour Cream Sunrise as the B’s bring home the Cup.

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