Sunday, May 10, 2009

AMHL Tuesday Championship: Cinco de Mayo

el martes, el cinco de mayo de 2009
Concord, MA

Like the underdog Mexican army against the mighty French invaders on el cinco de mayo de 1862 (but with much less bloodshed), the AMHL Flyers will fight the good fight against les Leafs.

With surprise starter Miguel Edwards, whose knee is slated for surgery, in nets, the Flyers hold down the proverbial fort in the first period. The Leafs, though stymied, have not surrendered a goal either, so we move to the second period to break the scoreless tie.

Leafs skating right to left across tu radio, the puck is loose in the Flyer zone. Forward Brent “Dos Minutos” Rice, who in past seasons was well-acquainted with the penalty box but has remained penalty-free this season, out-maneuvers the Flyer sentries; Rice seizes the puck in the slot and then performs a backhandarama—spinning as he steers the puck between Edwards’ right skate and the post.

The Flyers counter, when Billy “¿Por qué no?” Whynot beats Leaf legend Mitch Weiss.

In the third period and the Flyers clinging to a 3–2 lead, tempers flare. Flyer Pedro Buenhombre and Leaf Brendan “el Diablo” Doyle almost go mano a mano, but they are dismissed to the sin bin before the fists can fly.

Los dos combatantes watch along with the growing crowd (including Kate “Margarita” Mikkelson, who upon realizing what this day in history signifies, ponders the possibility of imbibing in a lime-based elixir) as history (sort of) repeats itself.

Juan Sweeney scores two goals in less than a minute, and then, más rápido than you can say, “viva la revolución,” the rout is on and the Flyers have won, 10–2.
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