Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hockey Sunday: Around the (Boston) Globe

A trip around Sunday’s Boston Globe, which the AMHL Photographer and I read during our visits to Dunkin’ Donuts, revealed plenty of news about hockey and Canada—and it wasn’t all in the sports section.

In travel, Diane Daniel (her column is titled “Where They Went”) profiles two friends who, in July, visited Nova Scotia. While on Cape Breton, the twosome stayed at the Keltic Lodge Resort. My wife and I have never stayed there, so I can’t recommend it. But we could see the resort from the Castle Rock Country Inn, which we visited in 2001. At Avalon the restaurant, which operates from the inn, order whatever you want for dinner as long as it’s preceded by the Caesar salad and followed by the cheesecake. On par with the victuals, at least in spring and summer, are the benevolent breezes, which keep away the mosquitoes from the bay (night or day).

In comics, Bill Amend’s FoxTrot captured my attention. Two skaters had painted jagged blue “cracks” in the ice to dissuade others from joining the duo. Clever. But because a few people in Massachusetts at least, have fallen through fragile ice, I recommend you stay off the ponds (unless it’s Frog Pond, which you can rent on Monday nights) for a few more weeks.

GlobeWest hosts a weekly contest, whereby readers submit captions for a cartoon. The winner in Sunday’s paper had entered this caption: “Aw, geez, who gave Cheevers a chain saw” to accompany the illustration of a man wearing an old-time goalie mask while he sculpts a six-foot high block of ice.

Back to sports...According to Kevin Paul Dupont’s article in the Boston Globe archives, current B’s management gave Cheesy, the B’s former Hall of Fame netminder and most recently pro scout, the axe in 2006.
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