Monday, December 01, 2008

Bruins Recap: Fours

The Boston Bruins are back on Beantown’s sports radar, and I’m back to blogging about them here. Every week, I’ll expand upon the commentary I and other hard-core fans have made at HFBoards and on the New England Hockey Journal Radio Show (NEHJRS).

The secret to the Black and Gold’s success is not the nifty new third sweater design but rather balance. Everyone is contributing, so the team can roll all four lines. So with that in mind, I’ll keep these four shifts short:

4 Even before Saturday night’s 4–1 win over the Wings, the Bruins—with their 15–4–0-4 record, were earning more attention in the Boston Globe. Check out what’s on Marc Savard’s iPod and what’s on the equipment manager’s To-do list.

4Globe writer and NEHJRS co-host Kevin Paul Dupont’s handle at HFBoards is “Hub of Hockey”. Keeping rhyming in the reasoning, that means twineminder Tim Thomas (not even on the NHL All-star ballot, which lists ten other goalies) is the Snub of Hockey. And the Four’s Restaurant and Sports Bar, official sponsor of the NEHJRS trivia question, is the Pub of Hockey.

4On Saturday’s show, regular caller “Kevin from Melrose” provided a nickname for Bruin rookie forward Blake Wheeler: “Mambo Mosaic of Minnesota.” Clever, Kev, but too long. I say shorten it to “3M”, a prominent Minnesota company.

4The only game the B’s lost last week was in Buffalo. The loss doesn’t bother me so much—can’t win ‘em all—as the post-game party tune. Sabres marketing, which in a game last year used “I’m Shippin’ Up to Boston”, pilfered our play list again, this time serenading the bah-bah-bahing crowd with “Sweet Caroline.” I suggest that, in protest, Marc Savard remove from his iPod any tunes by the Buffalo-based band, the Goo Goo Dolls.

Until next time, when the B’s are hopefully 18–4–0-4, happy hockey days.

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