Sunday, October 05, 2008

On the Shelf, Part III: That’s the Way It Is

Since my hockey groin injury three weeks ago, the blood extending from my lower abdomen to my left knee has been reabsorbed. But the torn adductor and iliopsoas muscles are not yet ready for ice time. Could be four weeks or more before I’m ready for even a light skate. It’s tough to not participate, but playing is out of the question for now. That’s the way it is. An update, then, on last week’s activities while “on the shelf.”
Wednesday morning

Celine Dion’s “That’s the Way It Is” sustains me as I perform light exercise on the Wobble Board. I’m in push-up position, my hands at 9:00 and 3:00 on the circular device. My abs beg me to exit the exercise, but I hold steady and look up at the objects sitting, left to right across your imagination, on the makeshift shelf: a picture of my parents; a photo of my kids, a personalized AMHL Avalanche photo puck that the AMHL Photographer, whose at the rink right now, created last May. “That’s the Way It Is”, the fourth of five songs in the rotation for my rehab session, and I stand up. A Christopher Cross tune is next on my iPod’s random playlist. I place my feet where my hands just were and then rock side-to-side and then front-to-back until “All Right” (I think we’re gonna make it concludes.

Thursday morning
Concord Valley Sports, Rink One

A different cast of characters has reported to play for the Capitals. Today is no different. Brent Delehey, who missed the first four games, is here today. Good thing because Mike “MMMBop” Hansen is out for the second consecutive game. And today is Scott Keith’s last game—family commitments will tear him away from finishing the season. Family first: That’s the way it is. But Rob “Mobile” Mirak has been here for every game, including this morning’s match against the Panthers.

It’s late in the third period, Caps skating left to right across your AMHL radio and the score 4–4. Mirak pots a goal and then performs a perfect pirouette. For the encore, he scores an empty-netter.

Mirak postulates a reason for the rally. “Gumption,” he says, and then skates off the ice. Bravo, Rob.


Before walking to work, I completed another light workout session. Pain-free and grateful. Now I’m thinking of Mike “the Eagle” Chase. Like me, he’s also on the shelf. His condition, as many readers who’ve followed his story know, is much more serious than mine, however. Melanoma is fierce competitor, and chemotherapy is a difficult teammate. Mike hasn’t played in months, but he is back to work at Boston College. He has a CT Scan this afternoon and expects the results on Monday. Good luck to you, buddy. We’re, at least in spirit, with you and your family. That’s the way it is with the hockey community.
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