Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Canadian Espionage: The Sting

The red-winged blackbird that threatened to attack, the disconnected Internet session at the safe house, and the suspicious-looking “family of four” that trailed my accomplice and I: all have proven to be ineffective at stopping me from gathering valuable information about PEI.

Not even the feds’ sting operation could stop us from reaching Grand Manan. So, I present you with the following random research from our first leg of the mission.

Habs fans have invaded the island. From the man form Magdalen Islands to the kid scooping ice cream at Cows, insurgents have joined forces with locals whose allegiances lie with the bleu, blanc, et rouge. Details may be forthcoming once I’m back in the Hub of Hockey.

Scanning the phone book, the numbers below represent the listings for each surname in Montague:

-MacDonald: 67
-Midowski: 2
-Murphy: 25

I haven’t checked the listings for Souris, but that community’s Midgets are up-and-comers on the youth hockey scene. At least that’s the word on the street.

Gotta run.


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