Saturday, March 22, 2008

Zeroes and Heroes

Zero: the number of…

-Face-offs I lost on Thursday morning

-Points I’ve scored this season

-Times the NHL Bruins have beaten the Canadiens this season

-Trans-fat calories in the Bruins Donut I’ll eat later today


-Mark Flinkstrom, who scored his first two AMHL goals

-Bobby Orr, who turned 60

-Kenny Tarr, who thwarted four breakaways

-Chad Mikkelson who scored the game-winner in OT

-Pete Anastos, Scott Arnold, Pete Bagley, Brent Delehey, Dave Losier, and Aaron Sherman, who sponsored the breakfast extravaganza

-And John Scott, who passed away this week. John, who was born and raised in Wakefield, MA, was my teammate more than twenty years ago, when we played in the Fort Collins Adult Hockey Association. I remember him because I don’t think he ever sharpened his skates; because he was a great two-way player and teammate; because he was congenial and kind. I’m sure he wasn’t perfect, but he’s still a hero—and not just because he was Vietnam Vet—to many who played with him.
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