Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Stay Out of My Crease!"

Cancer. Every family dreads the word. Now it’s the AMHL family’s turn to face facts: Mike “the Eagle” Chase has melanoma, and he needs help.

Three weeks ago, Mike left early from Boston College, where he works an applications developer, because he wasn’t feeling well. A few days later, a CAT scan revealed lesions or tumors on his brain and a mass in his right lung.

Surgery on February 13th was successful. Mike and his family—his wife Karen and two girls, his parents, extended family, and in-laws—waited for the pathology results.

Now we have them. Mike is in for a fight, but he’s a fighter. Some say stubborn. Obstinate when it comes to clearing pucks (and opponents) from his crease. But he knows a goalie can’t win without help.

How? Wish him well and check his progress at CaringBridge.org. Buy a wristband*. Pray.

*To purchase a wristband, contact the following:

-At Boston College, contact Bart Barros at bartolomeu.barros.1(at)bc.edu
-AMHLers, see me at the rink next week or contact me at jimfdwyer(at)gmail.com
-Otherwise, contact Mike’s sister-in-law Susan at susan.haley(at)yahoo.com

We need "the Eagle" to soar and then fly back to his crease.
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