Thursday, October 11, 2007

Book Review: The Best Boston Sports Arguments

“Who was the greatest Boston athlete ever? Russell, Bird or Brady?”

That’s one question posed on the back cover of the book by Jim Caple and the Boston Herald’s Steve Buckley.

I can’t be the only hockey fan to wonder, “What about Bobby?”

Skeptical, I opened the book to scan the table of contents. I would skip non-hockey questions like “Was Freezing Ted Williams All That Crazy? (Number 17), “Boston: Football Town or Baseball Town?” (Number 55), and “Which Celtics Player Had the Most Unique Career After Hangin’ ‘Em Up?”(Number 57)—all intriguing—and focus on more important questions.

For example, “Boston’s Greatest Hockey Myth” (Number 18) isn’t technically a question but it did compel me to investigate. So did “What Was the Greatest Non-Game Moment in Bruins History?” (Number 22), and “Who Was the Greatest Clutch Performer in Bruins History?” (Number 34).

Baseball and football questions dominated the book, but the material I read was insightful and entertaining. I didn’t agree with all the “answers,” but I learned a lot and laughed a lot. Plus, each section was no longer than three pages. And I got over the Bobby Orr slight on the back cover because Number 4ORR gets his due.

I didn’t have to buy the book, but I would have if the nice folks at Sourcebooks hadn’t sent it to me for free. Buzz on over to your local book store or buy it at Amazon!

Gotta go. Time to debate if the Red Sox are the new Yankees (Number 99).
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