Saturday, June 09, 2007

NEHJ Radio Show: Face of the Bruins

I’m listening to the New England Hockey Journal Radio Show. Brandon Bochenski, a bright light in a dim and grim Bruins’ season, is talking about the turnover on the Bruins—how many teammates has P.J. Axelsson had? More on my thoughts on the Bruins’ on-ice plans later this off-season. For now, and like the beginning of today’s show, I’ll focus on the Black and Gold’s marketing plan. Mick Colageo, Kevin Paul Dupont, and Matt Kalman led-off the show with this topic: Who should be the Bruins’ poster boy?

Phil Kessel? Too young, too much pressure on him already. Marc Savard? Lots of personality—but too zany? Zdeno Chara? He gets my vote because of his marketing experience; he was funny on last season’s NESN commercial featuring Hazel Mae and Kathryn Tappen.

I have another idea to bolster the buzz about the Bruins: an official donut!

At Dunkin’ Donuts this morning, I noticed a lone Chocolate Frosted sitting in a separate bin. Its companions had already been plucked from the paper lining the caged corral. This single jewel was crowned with blue and red jimmies because it was sponsored by the Boston Red Sox. Imagine black and gold sprinkles—maybe a bunch of black ones on one side and bunch of gold ones on the other—atop your favorite donut!

I’ll take this marketing plan one step farther. Bring back the days, circa 2003, when Dunkin’ Donuts and the Boston Bruins ran in-store promotions to reward hockey (and donut) fans with chances to win donut fare and coffee or to meet Joe Thornton. I think an official donut, free food, and a chance to chat with Chara would increase interest in the Bs.
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