Wednesday, February 21, 2007

AMHL Wednesday: Surprise, Surprise

“Do you have a ticket?” I surprise the man, who’s about thirty years old and watching the early action between the Sabres and Rangers on Rink Two.

“No, I left it in my…,” he recovers to catch my joke, realizing that my wife—the AMHL photographer—and I are astonished to have company at 6:30 a.m., especially for a game in AMHL fledgling Wednesday division.

I explain that I’m the league writer and that anything I say may be posted on this site, but that doesn’t stop Clark, who’s here at the behest of buddies—Sabres Jamal DeVita and Scott Jacobsen—to clam up.

“Chubs!” He yells to Jamal after he scores to give the Sabres a 1–0 lead. “Two more!” Clark continues, hoping DeVita will net a hat trick.

“Chubs” is the name DeVita earned for gaining weight.

“That one’s for you!” DeVita (pictured, far right with the blue helmet), who appears to be tall and lean, roars back to Clark as Number 4 enters the faceoff circle at center ice.

Maybe Jamal’s nifty Sabres jersey, with its triangular gray and pink pattern covering each hip pad, hide the extra pounds he’s gained since the last time he and Clark had seen each other?

Clark compares DeVita’s former physique to Arnold Schwarzenegger and explains that upon noticing the pounds his pal had gained, asked Jamal, “What the hell are you doing?”

Eating. A lot. So says Clark.

But, DeVita, who’s a chiropractor, must have found a way to distribute and align the load without adverse effects on his spinal column because it doesn’t appear to affect him.

“Hurls!” Clark hollers to Jacobsen as the Sabres up the lead to 2–0.

I’ve already learned that Jacobsen tends to vomit. I don’t know why—pre-game nerves?

Whatever the reason, I’m hungry for more information about this dynamic duo and their sidekick fan club. It’s time for my wife and me to leave, though. I’ll investigate the other side of the story. Maybe I’ll include facts “Chubs” and “Hurls” share with me in a future story…maybe the Championship story?

The Sabres, after all—as I learn later at—are in first place with a 4–3–1–0 record, given their 9–1 victory this morning. And as Clark will learn if he visits the Wednesday Ticker, DeVita and Jacobsen threw their weight around; at least their names are in lights on the AMHL Wednesday sticker.

This news probably won’t shock Clark because, unflattering nicknames aside, he said he was surprised at the high level of play he witnessed this morning.

I wouldn't be surprised to see him at Concord Valley Sports for an AMHL playoff game.
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