Thursday, November 23, 2006

Boston to Basingstoke

Happy Thanksgiving! Or, if you’re Canadian, Bahrainian, or British: Happy Thursday.

Before I get to the Boston to Basingstoke theme of this blog entry, a quick trip back to yesterday morning. AMHL Wednesday: Pick-up hockey at its finest.

I scored a goal!

A garbage goal but a goal nonetheless. Playing forward, I gathered a rebound in the crease, and then shoved it past John Saner—who, as you’ll learn in AMHL Glory, was not only an opponent but also my ride to work.

Chauffer. Keep that word in mind.

Now back to Basingstoke. This evening, the AMHL photographer and I fly to London. Ontario. Kidding. London, England. My wife’s friend, an American who works at the Imperial College and who runs her own event planning business, will—with help from her British boyfriend, serve as our host, tour guide, and chauffeur.

Besides providing us with a place to stay (not far from Wimbledon), they’ll escort us to places like the Royal Palace, the London Tower, and Earl Grey’s Castle (I made up that last one, but I do plan to drink tea and ponder the whereabouts of Lord Grey’s domicile). Anyway, on Saturday, our friendly hosts will drive us to Oxford.

There, we’ll meet the historian, a man nicknamed "Moose," for the University of Oxford hockey team, the Blues. (More about them upon my return). We’ll get back in the limousine (man, I hope it’s a limousine) and drive south, from the county of Oxfordshire into the county of Hampshire, to Basingstoke, where we’ll watch the Basingstoke Bison host the Cardiff Devils.

Professional ice hockey in the UK? You bet. You haven’t heard about “the Herd?” Well, I’ll tell you more about the Bison’s game against the Devils, maybe about Canadian players with English-sounding names like Ian Pound, about intermission activities (tea, anyone?), and maybe even the “limo" ride back to London.

Until our return next Tuesday,

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