Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Welcome to the Tuesday wrap-up, prompted by e-mail from everyone’s favorite AMHL goalie from Nova Scotia, Kenny “Kiss Fan” Tarr. The number one netminder for the Blues loves the ellipses...so I’ve left most of those them in. I hope you like those sets of three dots indicating a pause in speech. (I have taken the liberty of touching up other grammar in this morning’s correspondence, however.)

KT: Hey buddy, Got my first “career” shut-out in the AMHL this morning..... beat the high-powered Flyers 9–0. Dana (Salvo), Eric Schoen, Brent Rice, Marshall (McLean), (Mike) DeLeo, among others...Whooo hoooo. Too bad you and yours weren’t there. :(

JD: Congratulations! Welcome to the Dunkin' Donuts Post Game Interview...Kenny, describe to the readership your best save of the game.

KT: Oh that’s a good one Jimmy... Late in the third, it looks like the guys are playing solid D to help earn the goose-egg. Notice how I say it “looks” like they were helping. Scott "Steamroller" Gelin [editor’s note: Scotty plays for the Blues] is in front of me and a shot comes in from the point. It's going glove side. I'm ready for the save, and then Scott tries to tip it past me!! Apparently he and Dana had the attitude, “We can't let Kenny get a shut-out.” Fortunately for me, he didn't get enough of it and I was able to grab it out of the air and keep the board blanked at zero. There were numerous other great saves of course, too many to possibly recount here :) ... but that one stands out the most to me.

JD: Good stuff. Next question: What's your favorite donut...Timmy's will sponsor this blog entry—not DD—so I'm guessing Sour Cream, Walnut Crunch? And the coffee that goes with it: Double Double? [editor’s note for the non-Canadian: two shots each of cream and sugar]

KT: YUCK…Hold the sugar please!! :)

Donut - I actually love Boston Cream, but that Sour Cream, Walnut Crunch sounds darned good too... mmmmmmmmmmmmm—insert drool here…I miss seeing you each week... maybe you can play Tuesdays next season?

JD: Ok, so no sugar. Single or double shot of cream?

Last question, Kenny "Kiss Fan" Tarr: If Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley had to comment your performance, what would they say?

Kidding, that wasn't the last question. This is: What do you want to say to the kind folks in Lower Sackville?

KT: Hmmm, probably would have been easier to answer the Gene/Paul question :)

Did you know Gene put out a solo album last year and Paul's just went out last month? I love some songs from each.

Anyway.... back to your question....I don't know where to start.... Guess I’d like to thank my lovely wife Amy, Mom & Dad, all the peeps who never gave up on me… my dog for always being there... “WE DID IT GUYS!!!”

Hehehe - this is fun...Seriously, probably be more like: "Looking forward to seeing you all over the XMas holidays—I'm coming home baby!! Now, if only I could convince Amy [editor’s note: Amy is Kenny’s wife] to let me bring along the hockey gear...

What about my question? Any chance of you playing Tuesdays next season? Maybe Tuesday and Thursday, or just Tuesday...I don’t care…as long as I get to see my favorite AMHL storyteller each week...
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