Thursday, September 28, 2006


Color Commentary: Return to the Airwaves!

I don’t know what my handle will be, but maybe Kevin Paul Dupont, Matt Kalman, and Mick Colageo—the hosts of the New England Hockey Journal Radio Show—will concoct one for me. The show, on which I was regular caller (“Jimmy from Stow") before it was taken off the air (before the NHL lockout), will be resurrected Saturday, September 30. Regular readers know that I’ve moved from Stow, so I need a new moniker. “Jimmy from Maynard” takes too long to say and doesn’t have any flair. Any suggestions? Send e-mail to

Tune in to the show (or tap into streaming audio) at 890 ESPN Radio Boston every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

AMHL: Breaking news from around the league…

SVP of Something Really Important at Fidelity Investments, Eric Schoen has finally gotten his priorities straight: The swift skater has rescheduled all his early-morning conference calls so that they don’t conflict with the third period of his Tuesday and Thursday hockey games. Good news for his Capitals.

Mitch Weiss, AMHL Commissioner, Leaf-lover, and goaltender will not play this season. Back surgery had kept him off the ice since early in the 2005 summer season , but the technology strategist was anticipating a return sometime this season—until he realized he also needs shoulder surgery. Boo!

Dana Salvo, all-time points leader, made this press release this afternoon: “After 5 long months away from the rink, I am pleased to announce that I have been given medical clearance to begin skating again, but not playing quite yet. Right now, my plan is to show up at the rink next week once or twice for a little pre-game skate to start getting the legs going again. I will also be limited to non-game action during the following week. However... during the week of October 16, I will be officially cleared to play! Right now, (since I am only technically on a Wednesday roster) my scheduled return date is Wednesday October 18. But I may show up on Tuesday and Thursday of that week too! I can’t wait!”

Adam “Donut Meister” Berger, will resume donut procurement duties in mid-October. The stay-at-home defenseman is recovering from a broken ankle suffered last season and has been cleared to practice starts and stops on October 17. When he suits up for game action...that information is tightly guarded. But, Berger says this about standing in front of a Scott Gelin slapshot again, "I will leave all shot blocking to goalies."

AMHL Glory: A Passion for Morning Hockey (and Donuts): Book update!

In case you didn’t read it recently, my hockey memoir is complete! Well, I still must interview AMHL veteran Dave Mello, and I’m sure my editor will tell me some chapters still need editing. But, the major writing is complete, all 25 chapters. Stay tuned for another update in late October.

This blog brought to you by Pata Negra, imported to the US by AMHL fan and a reader from Coppell, Texas.
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