Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Birthday, Beliveau!

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Stretching at home on my yoga mat early this morning, I thought of topics I might write about at the end of the day…the first game of the AMHL season…getting to play on Mr. Hockey’s team…against Aaron Sherman…the possibilities were stacking up as high as the books next to the already stuffed bookcase. A thick book in the middle of the stack caught my eye.

After my 15-minute stretching session, I tugged The Secret Language of Birthdays from the pile and then turned to page 406, August 31. “Maria Montessori (educator, physician, rehabilitator of children…Edwin Moses (US Olympic hurdler, 2x gold medalist, undefeated for ten years in 122 races…Jean Beliveau (Canadian hockey center, led Montreal to ten Stanley Cups).

I wondered if Dave Losier will lead us to a Koffey Cup this season.

As our leader sat in the Capitals’ locker room before the game, Aaron Sherman entered the room where he expected his Avalanche to be gathered. Upon seeing the talent—Losier, Schoen, Leverone—Sherman decried the AMHL draft committee and then exclaimed, “Write that in an article!”

Then the Avalanche pummeled us.

In our locker room, Losier asked me what I was going to write about. We concluded it was best not to get into the details of how Sherman, Anastos, and Glode destroyed us. So I won’t go there. Fellow Cap Dean Banfield mentioned the AMHL book I’m writing, so I’ll update you on that. But first…

During lunch, I checked the statistics for this site and where my most recent readers came from, noticing the regulars from Massachusetts and Newfoundland as well as someone from Detroit Red Wing Country. I visited his site to learn that this fellow liked the AMHL book idea so much he mentioned it on his site, which offers a unique glimpse into the NHL.

Now at home, I give you an update on AMHL Glory: I’m about to complete a major phase. The bulk of the writing and research has been done for a while, but editing has taken me more months than I’d like to admit. But this weekend, I hope to report that the last four chapters will be complete. And then? Well, I’ll let you know what my editor says.

Until then, here are two birthdays to celebrate:

*Friday, September 1: no famous hockey personalities, but ¡Feliz CumpleaƱos! to Gloria Estefan

*Saturday, September 2: Glen Sather
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