Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dream Analysis: Enlightenment

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For those of you who read about my goalie dreams last week, you know I sought professional help to ununravel their mysterious meanings.

“That’s simple,” my therapist said last night after I had hiim read a printed version of last week’s blog. “Jussi Markkanen and his Edmonton Oilers will shut out the Carolina Hurricanes in Game Five.”

Just kidding. I don’t know if Edmonton will win another game in this Stanley Cup run, but I can tell you what my dreams may have meant. My karaoke performance and the assault by the car wash tentacles reflect my vulnerability. The goalies in each dream—the unidentified Oilers' netminder and the AMHL legend—represent my last line of defense. In essence, they signify my need for support, not just when singing, hanging out at the car wash, or playing hockey, but in a general sense.

“From confusion comes enlightenment,” my therapist did say with a smile, as I prepared to rise from my prone position on his couch. (Just kidding, therapists don’t have have you lie on their couches these days. I sat in a comfy chair.)

Anyway, if you’re still reading, you’ve probably ascertained that I need serious help. So do the Oilers. I trust they’ve done their mental homework, maybe read a chapter or two from Saul Miller’s The Complete Player: The Psychology of Winning Hockey or talked to the team psychologist in preparation for Game Five tonight.

Jussi Markkanen can’t do it all by himself.
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