Tuesday, May 30, 2006

From Somewhere in Canada

Greetings from the Heartland of Hockey!

I don't have much time--spies are always on the run!

The highlights:

Day One: Don Cherry and Ron MacLean on Hockey Night in Canada. The two sparred verbally between the first and second periods of the Edmonton/Anaheim game; Cherry criticized the Oilers for their forechecking scheme: forwards chasing Duck defencemen around the net. MacLean defended the strategy, politely of course, and then Cherry countered with a beauty, eh?

"AHL coach of the year; NHL coach of the year," he said, referring to himself. He then pointed to MacLean and said, "Weatherman from Red Deer." I love Don Cherry, but sometimes he gets to big for his britches. Maclean put him in his place, zinging Cherry with this barb:

"No question," MacLean said. "Good at anticipating flakes. That's how I got started."

Day Two:

Peace and solitude on Random Island beach, where I did yoga on the world's best source of skipping stones. The slate quarry in the distance on my left, the placid cove---dang, don't have time for the details because my cover has been blown and I must flee--but the beach was beautiful morning, beneath peek-a-blue skies.

More to come when I lose my pursuers...